SKGN Foundation

  • SKGN was formed to provide guidance & bring awareness for self-employment, health and child education.
  • To form village level justice committee, working committee, health & education committee.
  • To set up a public library and publish legal education books.
  • To start a working girls hostel for girls getting a higher education.



Education is a process through which children are enabled to acquire training and skills, which in turn prepares them to face different situations in life.

Sultan-ul-Hind Khwaja Garib Nawaz Foundation is a voluntary educational NGO, established in 2018 to work for the betterment of the economically weaker families giving top priority to education in its objectives. Since its inception, SKGN is on the march with absolute dedication to bringing about a social and educational change in the present conditions of the community by awarding a scholarship to the needy students in pursuit of their higher professional education.

SKGN has met with notable success in its efforts to induce more and more students to opt for studies in such professional courses. Number of students, both boys and girls, applying for help, as well as districts and locations they come from, has been increasing year after year.

The main objective of the trust is to grant Scholarships to deserving students for pursuing undergraduate, postgraduate studies in the fields of Medicine, Engineering, Science and Technology, Management. Since inception, SKGN has worked for the advancement of education, science, technology and management particularly in the realm of higher education, which indeed is a very strong need for economically weaker communities.